Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Hayy!! How do you guys doing?? Good?? ;)

hayy, how do you guys doing?? ahh ahh, good?? ;) feefee come back. i'm so sorry if i'm not joined or updated this blog. lately, i'm so busy. i just want to update my latest relay, my condition, my life and all about me. okayy, for the first time, i wanna tell you that i have a relay with a new, kind person. i called him bie. actually, his name is Jimmy. he is a nice man. he very kind, always support me, and always being my side when i'm happy and sad. he is caring person. since i know him, i didn't know everything about him. i just want to be his girlfriend because of his heart. he is a kind person. he always help all friend; no matter if at that time, he got a problem. for him, no matter what will be happen, he will always help his friend. his friend just like his siblings. because of that, i've been interacted with him. hmm. but now, he's far away. i'm staying at KL and he staying at SENAWANG. we just can meet up when both of us do not have anything to do. everyday, i missed him so much! i cried away when i remember him. luckily, i have his smell from his clothes. i keep it since i'm staying here. when i missed him, i take off his clothes and put it on my face. haha. seem like i'm too crazy but in fact, i missed him everyday! he is my first and last love. i hope, one day, we will be together. AMIN. hopefully, he will always be my side. i love you my dear JIMMY SUHAIMI <3. i love you very much! muahh.
 Feefee Joslee & Nazmi Suhaimi <3 <3
Lepaking at Port Dickson with our friend. 1 Days 2 Night. Jimmy Suhaimi, Feefee Joslee, Akid, Yana, Angah.

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